Ice Fishing Decoy - SOLD


Origin: American

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unknown

Provenance: Ex. Collection of Marjorie and Harvey Freed, New York

Date: 1930-1955

Price: SOLD

Description: “A thousand years before the first American quilt was created as protection against the chill night; before the first American whirligig played against the New England wind or the first American weathervane showed its direction; before the first likeness was taken of colonial squires, burghers, or arrivistes-before any of these things, small and perhaps large fish effigies were being actively use as part of the ice-spear-fishing complex that was in turn part of the culture of this continent’s original human society. These special lures, whose more modern versions range between two and fifty inches in length, depending upon what they are designed to attract, where they are used and by whom, are most likely a North American invention and innovation..”* Although some carvers remain anonymous, there are four known artists with distinctive styles: Hans Janner, Sr., Theodore Van Den Bossche, Gordon “Pecore” Fox,and Oscar Peterson *”BENEATH THE ICE The Art of the Spearfishing Decoy” by Ben Apfelbaum, Eli Gottlieb, and Steven J. Michaan E.P. Dutton, NY In association with the Museum of American Folk Art, NY 1990, pg. 7-8

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